a cute place to brunch in tribeca

3 06 2009

This past weekend, I went up to New York for a change of pace (and to check out Topshop). My friends and I were strolling towards Broadway and Broome when we turned the corner and saw the polka dotted sign for Kitchenette. As soon as we walked in, we could not stop saying “that’s so cute.” It was so darn cute inside (but not sickeningly) with a shabby chic feel. The manager knew that it was our first time there since we really could not stop saying “cute” and assured us it would be our new favorite place.

kitchenette counter

Kitchenette has a pretty extensive Brunch menu, which they serve until a generous 4:30 pm. My friend and I decided to split the Breakfast Enchiladas (scrambled eggs, poblano peppers topped with guacamole and cheddar, rolled in corn tortillas) and The Bridgehampton (silver dollar pancakes topped with fresh fruit and yogurt). I do love variety! The enchiladas were yummy and a bit spicy but the guacamole made it delectable. The pancakes looked unassuming but turned out to be light, fluffy, and sweet enough on its own. I should have taken pictures of the dishes I ordered but just trust me when I say it’s a must for brunch.

kitchenette pastries

We left happy and full and vowed to return to try their cupcakes (which the manager said was better than Magnolia’s).

kitchenette sign

Happy reading and eating!




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3 06 2009

Kitchenette is definitely uber cute! For more cuteness a little later in the day you should check out Tea and Sympathy (http://www.teaandsympathynewyork.com/) for a lovely English tea complete with tiny finger sandwiches and scones! They also have a more substantial lunch menu if you need savory to balance the sweet, not to mention a ridiculous number of teas to choose from. For other thoughts on brunch you should check out my blog: http://thebigredapple.wordpress.com/

3 06 2009
Them Divissima of Mexican Cuisine

Have you ever tried making your own enchiladas at home? Perhaps you should give mine a try!

4 06 2009

I am going to have to try this place out. It does look like it has a big cute factor! Thanks.

4 06 2009

big red – Thanks for letting me know about Tea and Sympathy, I will def have to check it out once I go up there.

Clementina – Just checked out your blog and I love how you are honoring your abuelita :) Mine was a great cook as well. I will attempt to make some enchiladas at home some time.

delightfullysweet – Yes! You have to go and try the cupcakes for me too :)

5 06 2009

It’s my dream to have a little place like that :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Andi!


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