the art of coffee fortune telling

19 06 2009

turkish coffee cup

Anyone ever had their fortune told from coffee grounds? I know it may sound odd but this practice actually has an official name. Fortune telling from tea leaves, or more commonly in the Middle East, coffee grounds is called Tasseography. My Mom has been reading my fortune and my family members’ fortunes from coffee grounds, tea leaves and cards for years. No, fortune telling is not her day job. She is just clairvoyant and has an innate ability to depict signs and symbols from different media. She barely ever indulges us though but after mutiple instances of begging, I had the honor of having my fortune read by her the other day.

coffee fortune steps

The steps are pretty simple. Turkish is the coffee of choice since it has lots of coffee grounds left to settle at the bottom of the cup. This coffee is very rich and has a robust flavor. You must drink the coffee and cover it with the saucer once you’re done. Then you flip the cup (with the saucer on, of course) towards your heart as you make a request or wish in your mind. For instance, you can be thinking “what will my job future hold” and such.

turkish coffee grounds

From the coffee grounds and stains left on the cup and saucer, the fortune teller sees different symbols. Every shape and symbol is interpretted with a specific meaning (hopefully good). You must have an expert’s eye to see these shapes and symbols to define them and give meaning to them. So, unfortunately you can’t perform your own coffee fortunes but I am sure you can google someone.




9 responses

19 06 2009

This is interesting!

19 06 2009

This sounds super intresting. I also thought chinese do this :P

19 06 2009

My aunt went to Turkey a couple of years ago and she had some coffee there (that would make it “Turkish” coffee). She said the coffee is also used to subtly tell a suitor if you like him or not, i.e. sugar in his coffee if you like him, salt if you don’t.

19 06 2009
Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

How neat! I would love to try to read my fortune!

23 06 2009
Bryan Wheeler

Nice blog — hope your fortune was good!

24 06 2009
Sweet and Fit

I have always loved it when your mom read my fortune – although, I have such a sweettooth that its a challenge for me to drink all the coffee!

great post!

24 06 2009

Thanks for all the interest! My fortune was pretty good; hopefully it will come true!

26 06 2009

My grandpa told me that he knew how to read tea leaves at the bottom of the cup :)

2 07 2009

Facinating! I wish I knew the secret to reading these..!

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