the cutest little sliders

24 06 2009

krabby patty doppelgänger

So, this post doesn’t really have much substance other than I wanted to share a picture of the cutest sliders I had when I visited the Philippines. I have never seen a burger as cute (I know I need a thesaurus) or tasted one as yummy as these. I don’t even recall the name of the restaurant. It was at this really nice mall called Rockwell in Makati City. Don’t these suckers remind you of Krabby Patties? Spongebob would be proud.

patty in my hand

Here I am holding up the tiny burgers. My brother is pictured here drinking a “frozen hot chocolate” (I know – whaa? …but trust me it was so delicious). So if you are ever in Makati, definitely stop by the mall I mentioned and try to have these sliders!

Happy eating!




6 responses

24 06 2009

Hihi, how cute -I love everything mini!

25 06 2009

oh my gosh, that’s cute and it looks very tiny when you’re holding that! I can eat dozens of them haha

25 06 2009

I know! Things are cuter when mini-sized :) And it’s okay to eat dozens cuz they are so small! Heh heh

29 06 2009

Totally cute! How could you resist?? :)
Love sliders, cuz you always have room for more than one!

8 07 2009

ummm, i think i could eat….500 of those cuties! :)

29 07 2009

oh my goodness! They ARE teeny weensy! Sooo adorable!! Now I can boast that I ate 100 burgers in a meal!

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