i have only been to 3 of the world’s 21 sexiest beaches

21 05 2009

I caught this show on the Travel Channel the other day and it made me long for summer and reminded me I needed to hit the gym badly. It was an hour full of sand, surf, and sex appeal (alliteration is awesome).  They “circled the globe to find the world’s best stretches of sand. These sun-drenched locales offer dramatic landscape, romantic appeal, world-class sports action and, for some, a great place to party. They all have one thing in common – their unique sex appeal.”  There were several beaches in the United States and several others in exotic places such as the Grenadines and New Jersey (just kidding).  View the full list here.

Yes, I have only been to a paltry 3 out of 21 sexiest beaches.  BUT, my friends, these 3 were in the TOP 6.

Coming in at number 6 is everyone’s favorite hot spot down undah: Bondi Beach in Sydney.  Travel Channel says: Thirty minutes from Sydney. An international hot spot known for clear blue waters and active surf.  I say: This beach is Kim Kardashian approved (Just stating facts, she was there a week before I was).


Next up at number 2 is our very own South Beach in Miami.  Travel Channel says: Constant energy and a hot nightlife.  I say: South Beach is muy caliente but not the  most productive place to take your company to for an offsite meeting. Don’t party with the boss while in Miami, kids.  No need to see pictures here.

And finally, at numero UNO (or i should say “um”) is Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. Travel Channel says: Beautiful people, tiny swimsuits and mountain views. I say: By “mountain views” they mean of thong-clad derriere. And lots of it. Seriously, I loved Rio. It is one of the most beautiful places I have been to, full of beautiful people like Adriana Lima. And they sell you everything on the beach like swimsuits, jewerly and blocks of cheese on sticks which they grill in tiny, portable grilling devices in front of you. I will probably do a post just on Brazil later on since i love it THAT much.

ipanemasamba singers

For now, hope you all enjoy the official start of the summer this weekend!