i love me some harajuku lovers

16 06 2009

Just in time for summer and the No Doubt concert tour, I found these super cute cherry red patent flats. These shade shoes are the newest addition to my growing Harajuku Lovers cute stuff collection. What can I say? Their shiz is bananas (b-a-n-a-n-a-s). I don’t end up using most of it but I can’t help it when cuteness attacks.

harajuku red flats

I loooove all the cute details. From the shoebox with illustrations of each Harajuku girl, to the soles printed with sunglasses.

harajuku shoe box
harajuku shoe close ups

I went to the No Doubt concert this past Sunday and was happily taken back to the carefree days of the late 90s/early 00s. It helped that Gwen did not look like she aged since her first tour. The concert was awesome! It’s def a must see, even if you just sit on the lawn like I did.

no doubt

holla back,

stomping in my air force ones

26 05 2009


Puerto Ricos anyone? I used to work at this shoe store called “the athelete’s foot” back in 2002 at one of my very first jobs. Naturally when you work in a shoe store you get pulled into the shoe obsession world. I was able to control myself for the most part and rarely gave in. But these Puerto Rican Air Force 1s were one of my fave’s. These had a limited release in 2003 and I managed to keep them fresh and unworn! One of my only fresh AF1’s still in its box. I have recieved many entertaining offers from friends but I managed to resist. I doubt you can find this very model for sale anywhere but they do have a variety of models they release once a year by Nike in correspondence with the Puerto Rican parade in New York.

af1-flag af1-tongue

Are you an AF1 collecter? Check out the awesome nike af1 collector site. They have almost every single AF1 ever made. Enjoy!


online boutiques

19 05 2009

Ever wanted a designer bag but reluctantly smartly kept your credit card in its rightful place after seeing the retail price? Yeep, that’s me, Miss Broke Savvy Shopper. Last year, I was invited to join a members only online boutique, Rue la la. It’s owned by smartbargains.com (another savvy shopper must). Rue la la’s boutiques are open only for 2 days, which is sometimes too long for a really popular boutique which sells out in an hour. There’s a new boutique that opens each day, so there’s lots of choices! Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Dior, Tourneau are just some of the designer brands they’ve had.


Sometimes if you don’t act quickly, a really popular item will sell out immediately. Like the Kooba Jaylin bag, which I missed out on. Twice. I’m also super indecisive. And those bags are cute. Happy to say, I am a proud owner of a cute pair of Betsey Johnson pumps and Phoebe Couture dress, both purchased at deep discounts from Rue la la.

rue la la thank you card

Next up, I will post about another one of my fave online boutiques (where I actually bought said designer bag at half the retail price). So check it (tomorrow)!  P.S. If you want an invite to Rue la la, just holla at me.